Polite Way of Talking

Here are some tips for you for the polite way of talking

Man, being a social animal needs politeness, pleasing way of taking to others in order to avoid friction that is unpleasantness.

Henry I think you are busy!
David (No response)
Henry Smith, didn't you hear me?
Smith (No response)
Henry Hai! Are you angry with me?
David (Looking rather serious) we are not angry.
Henry Then?
Smith We are sorry about the way you are talking.
Henry Why?
David You should have started the conversation in a better way.
Henry Better way! How?
Smith In a polite way....in a refined way
David You know you are interfering, with our work. It is a sort of disturbance.
Henry So what?
Smith Wait...... wait. When we start a conversation, we should first say, 'excuse me or sorry to trouble you etc.
David You can also start it with a 'Hello' or a wish or greeting.
Smith You can start with 'Hai friends'/Good evening friends.
David You see, it is the pleasant way of interfering we can say.
Henry Yah, Yah! Now, I understand it is the smooth way of talking.
Smith It is the polite way too.
Henry I am sorry friends.
David It's alright. Come, let's learn some polite ways of talking.
ok. That's a good idea.

1. Introducing our self:

  • X: Hello! I am David.
  • Y: Hello/Hai I am Stephan.
  • X: I am from Ooty. You..........
  • Y: I am from Chennai.
  • X: Glad to meet you.
  • Y: Pleased to you/Nice to meet you.

2. Starting a conversation:

  • X: Excuse me.....
  • Y: Yah.....what do you want? what can I do for you?
  • X: Sorry to trouble you/disturb you/kindly bear with me/I hope I am not disturbing you.
  • Y: Never mind/it's ok/doesn't matter/no/not at all.

3. Getting information:

  • X: May I know you name/your good name, please.
  • Y: With pleasure. Yes...I am....
  • X: You are from...? / Your residence please?
  • Y: I am from.....
  • X: I hope/think you are the new manager/student/teacher/principal............
  • Y: yah! You are right.

4. Seeking some help:

  • X: Could you/would you mind helping me?
  • Could you lend me your camera/cycle?
  • Could you accompany me to the post office?
  • Could you show me the way to the railway station?

Yes/why not/of Course/sure/no/I am sorry I Cannot.

5. Requesting something:

  • Could/would you open the door please?
  • Could/would you mind standing in a line?
  • Could/would you repeat it?
  • Could/would you pour some water?
  • Could/would you bring me a chair?

Yes/why not/of course/ Sure/no/I am sorry I cannot.

6. Extending invitations:

  • Have some coffee, please?
  • Have one more chapatti?
  • Please, do come to the party.

Yes of course/ yes, thank you/ Thanks a lot.

7. Giving caution:

  • Have an eye on it/him/her, please
  • Take care of it/Take care/Be careful
  • Beware/please be careful/ please have look at it

ok/yes/thank you.

8. Suggesting something:

  • Let's take some rest.
  • Shall we take some rest?
  • How about going for a walk?
  • Let's have our tea, now.
  • Shall we/Let's sing a song?
  • Why don't we go home now?
  • Shall we play now?
  • Why don't you watch T.V?

Oh, yes! Ok. Yes/etc.

9. Apologizing:

  • I am sorry.
  • Pleasure forgive me.
  • It was foolish of me/ to ask it/ to do it.
  • Really I am a fool.

That's ok/please don't worry/It doesn't matter.

10. Giving permission:

  • Yes of course.
  • By all means.
  • Go ahead.
  • Ok.
  • Permission granted.

11. Refusing something:

  • I am sorry, I am busy.
  • Sorry, I cannot/I could not.
  • I am afraid I can/Sorry it is not possible.
  • No. you may not/cannot.

Ok/never mind.

12. Congratulating:

  • Congrats/Congratulations.
  • what a wonderful thing!
  • well done/well said.
  • Fantastic/Marvellous.
  • Simply magnificent/superb.
  • Outstanding/you proved it man
  • I am proud of you.

Thank you/Thanks a lot.

13. Showing gratitude:

  • Thanks lot/Thank you
  • Many thanks/very kind of you
  • I'll never forget it. Not at all/My pleasure.
  • I'll ever remember it/you/your help.

That's alright/You are most welcome/you are welcome/

14. Asking to repeat:

  • Pardon?
  • I am sorry?
  • Sorry, what did you say?
  • Sorry, I didn't hear you?
  • I beg your pardon.