Learn HTML

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the language used to create Web pages. These Web pages are made up of HTML tag elements and they are interlinked using hyper links. Irrespective of the technology used at back-end, what we see in the web browser is HTML. It is essential to learn HTML to build websites. HTML is easy to learn, start learning HTML and build your dream website. Tutorial Walk takes on a quick and easy trail to master HTML, start walking.

HTML Fundamentals:

TutorialTutorial Summary
1. HTML IntroductionA quick introduction to HTML with version history and HTML features.
2. HTML Tag ElementsWhat is a Tag? and know about HTML Tags.
3. HTML Tag AttributesWhat is an Attribute and how to use it with HTML Tags.
4. HTML HeadingsHTML heading and learn to use it in Web pages.
5. HTML ParagraphLearn about HTML paragraph tag and difference between Div and P tags.
6. HTML FormattingLearn to format a HTML document with example using various formatting HTML tags.
7. HTML StylesAdd CSS styles to HTML document by including an external stylesheet, internal styles with head tag and inline styles.
8. HTML AnchorWeb pages are interlinked using hyperlinks. External, internal and sections on same web page can be interlinked using hyperlinks.
9. HTML ImagesLearn about using images in web pages.
10. HTML TablesLearn how to display tabular data in rows and columns using HTML tables.
11. HTML ListsLearn about ordered, unordered and definition lists and how to use them with examples.
12. HTML CommentsLearn about how to add comments in HTML documents.

Key HTML Tags:

TutorialTutorial Summary
13. HTML HeadLearn about the importance of head tag and the tags that can be used within head.
14. HTML Block ElementsLearn about different types of block tag elements like div, span.
15. HTML QuotationsHow to add a blockquote, cite, abbreviate and do similar HTML quotations?
16. HTML Code TagsLearn about adding program code in HTML document using code, pre tags.
17. HTML IframesLearn about using iframes to embed HTML inside a HTML document.
18. HTML ScriptLearn about using client side scripts like JavaScript in a HTML document.
19. HTML LayoutHow to create a layout for a webpage using div?
20. HTML MarqueeLearn about scrolling a text horizontally and vertically using marquee tag.

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