Forms of Verbs

In this lesson you will learn about different forms of verbs and how to used them appropriately

Dear friends, you have studied that verb plays a vital role in a sentence. You also should know the different forms of a verb. Then only you will be able to use them appropriately in sentences.

Here are some verbs with different forms to help you.

Base Form - Present Tense Present Participle Past Tense Past Participle Infinitive
beat beating beat beaten to beat
bend bending bent bent to bent
bring bringing brought brought to bring
Built building built built to build
buy buying bought bought to buy
catch catching caught caught to catch
fight fighting fought fought to fight
find finding found found to find
hold holding held held to hold
learn learning learnt/learned learnt/learned to learn
leave leaving left left to leave
meet meeting met met to meet
run running ran run to run
sell selling sold sold to sell
shoot shooting shot shot to shoot
sit sitting sat sat to sit
sleep sleeping slept slept to sleep
stand standing stood stood to stand
teach teaching taught taught to teach
think thinking thought thought to think
begin beginning began begun to begin
bite biting bit bitten to bite
shut shutting shut shut to shut
break breaking broke broken to break
spread spreading spread spread to spread
choose choosing chose chosen to choose
drive driving drove driven to drive
forgive forgiving forgave forgiven to forgive
grow growing grew grown to grow
sing singing sang sung to sing
write writing wrote written to write
burst bursting burst burst to burst
cut cutting cut cut to cut
hit hitting hit hit to hit
hurt hurting hurt hurt to hurt
let letting let let to let
put putting put put to put
set setting set set to set

Use the correct form of the Verbs:-

  1. Shakespeare has ______________ (write) many plays. (written)
  2. The boys are ________________ (hit) the ball. (hitting)
  3. Ruth ____________(begin) the project last week.(began)
  4. The little girl was _________ (sell)flowers on the beach. (selling)
  5. Where have you ________ (go)? (gone)
  6. William ____________ (buy) a new car last month. (bought)
  7. The driver had ________(drive) the car very fast. (driven)
  8. We ___________ (sleep) peacefully last night. (slept)
  9. Mr. Navin has __________ (teach) us grammar very clearly. (taught)
  10. When I saw them they ________ (run) fast to catch you up. (were running)

A very few verbs have an alternative participle ending in 'en' which can be used adjectivally.

drink They have drunk milk. The drunken man fell on the road.
melt They have melted the metal. The molten metal is very hot.
prove He has proved his statement. It is a proven fact.
Sink The ship has sunk due to cyclone. The crew rescued the people from the sunken ship.
Strike The clock has struck ten. The panic stricken child, cried loudly.

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